Welcome to Gravitas

We are here to help Women in need

Gravitas Investments Uganda is non governmental entity producing Hope Soap for the volunerable women and girls based and established in Uganda. our prime focus is on vulnerable groups of people thus women and girls. our purpose is to train, empower them with practical skills of producing Soap hence making them able to sustain themselves when external support has been witheld.
The founder of Gravitas Investments Uganda studied the living conditions of people in Uganda which was surrounded by high levels of poverty within some areas of Uganda. This prompted the founder to look out for away of helping these affected groups to improve on their livelihoods as well as create awide market range for affordable soap.


⦿ To impact practical skills knowledge to women and girls through training of soap production, marketing and sales so as to empower them both economically and socially.


⦿ To be able to give hope to all vulnerable Women and Girls in Uganda so that they can rise and startup a business entity from locally available resources.


⦿ To increase on our coverage in Uganda to extend our product and also skill more volnerable Women so that they can also skill more other groups of women.

Our Core

⦿ To skill vulnerable women and also provide initial equipments and materials to practice and produce quality standard Soap.

Our Causes

Our Causes

High unemployment levels

Most women and girls are unemployed in most areas of Uganda

High levels of unskilled women

Most women and girls in Uganda do not have enough skills in the production sector

Empowerement of women

Uplift and empower vulnarable girls and women to be independent.

Poor Health conditions of women

Women are in very poor health conditions in most parts of Uganda due to poverty

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